Stop finding the perfect one

February 12, 2017
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So, you want to find the perfect person? All the singles ladies, your men must have the coolness and wit of Benedict Cumberbatch? And for the guys, your lady has to be elegant and composed as Blake Lively?

I hate to break the fun, but I think there is no perfect one in relationships. Perfect people are Flying Spaghetti Monster - they don't exist.

Perfection goes away

Even if we do start with that perfect one (or so we think), it will collapse in the first few months. The fateful day will arrive when you start to live together.

It is that moment when you will start to realize, it is not at all that pleasant. They are just like any other humans - they fart, pick their noses, not making their bed, misplace things, don't listen to you, leave a lot of hair on the floor, always forgetful, hurl mean words and throw unpredictable tantrums.

That sucks.

Making our way

So how do we deal with the later flaws of our significant other? Here is a great one-liner from the movie Me Before You:

"You don't change a person. You love them."

Love is where we came from. Deep in our hearts, we seek comfort and comfort stems from love. In order to love, we have skills to pick up. Learn how to react and communicate better. Pick up on how to talk and listen. Note the differences between men and women. We can’t get anything from a relationship, if we do not know how to love.

Love is all you need

Thank goodness there is no perfectness to chase after. In the end, love is the only way to be better together - till death took us apart.

“Better Together” - Us the Duo

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Thanks Yong Hao for sharing with us his piece of writing. Happy Valentine's Day to those with a valentine. For those who are single, love yourself and may you surround yourself with love. You're worth it. - Eve 
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