Intrinsic value for Yvonne Foong

June 01, 2017

If you have time I'd like you to listen to Yvonne Foong's story. She is a life warrior.

I met her in 2011 during one of my darkest days. I was diagnosed with schwannoma, a big benign nerve tumor that grew silently in my lung area. My world almost collapsed, everything from my life plan, diet to lifestyle had to change. And the condition was unheard of, at least to me and my family.

Devastated and horrified, I finally got in touch with Yvonne, who also had Neurofibromatosis type 2 (NF2). Her condition was way more serious than mine. The tumors affected her brain, hearing and movement. We had to communicate through sign language and writing.

Meeting her was beyond encouraging to me. I saw a role model who could dance gracefully with her health condition. And despite being a patient herself, she decided to be the master of her own fate, she became a teacher and writer. And she also founded a foundation who helped people with NF2.

In this video, she talks about her difficult childhood and dramas, her diagnosis, emotional struggles, how she connect and help other patients. In the midst of all these, she developed a will of steel. Her determination and perseverance are so striking.

To date, NF2 is still a lesser-known condition, I'm thankful that she's raising awareness for it. I recommend this video also because my brother and I spent a lot of time subtitling it, hope you enjoy and let me know if you catch a typo. =)

If you're having a rough day, just remember what she says, "Fall and stand back up. Fall and stand back up."

Have a good day and please, cherish your life. ❀❀

If you wish to know more, here's the link to her blog and foundation:


P.S. Just a tip, you can speed up the video by clicking the setting button below.

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