March 12, 2017

Hi my name is Eve. I'm a biologist who writes and take photos. I'm currently doing my PhD degree in Biology, which is quite cool and challenging. When I'm not working on my experiments I'm usually writing or taking photos of the things I love - people and places. 

Evetopia was started in 2011 to pick up my daily bits of life. Soon it has evolved into a utopia where I share my adventures or stories of the others. Especially when I picked up photography around 2012, Evetopia has become the main site where I share my photographs and thoughts. 

The initial plan of having this website as a place sharing and mumbling my own life has evolved naturally. I took some photos for a few projects, started interviewing interesting people, connecting with like-minded friends and guess what?! I'm making some documentaries now about topics I'm passionate about. I'll keep you updated!

Words are powerful, when combined with images, the stories are complete. I wish you feel inspired to write and capture moments in your life.

If you happen to like what I do here, maybe we can join force. I'm also working as a freelance writer, translator and photographer. Just drop me an email and we can start the ball rolling.

Welcome to the ride!

EMAIL: haha@evetopia.com
LOCATION: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
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